Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Art n Craft

Number 1: Fruit and Vegetable Basket
This needs a paper bowl or deep plate, newspapers, paint and a stapler.
Using the news paper, mould them into different shapes like a sphere, oblong, etc then simply color them as per the fruits you like. Here you see a tomato and a banana. Once the paper fruits are made and the paint is dry, place them into the paper bowl and using some more paper make the handle by simply twisting it. Staple the ends of the handle onto the bowl.

Number 2: Mumma and baby hen.
This needs: 2 paper cups, some color paper, paints, crayons, glue and scissors.
Method: Cut one of the cups halfway to it's height. This is for the baby chick. Now paint them, while the paint dries, using the color paper cut out beaks and feathers. Stick these onto the mumma and baby chick. Next draw the eyes with crayons. Finish off by gluing together the duo of cute baby chica and mommy hen.

Number 3: Slithering snake.
You need: Green paper, glue, red paper or white paper, scissors and red and black sketch pens.
Method: Cut out a long stripe of green paper, taper it towards it's tail end. The other end (head part) should be rounded off. Trace out the portion of the eyes and the matching rounded part just like the head part. Also cut out the tongue. Now take the snake body and fold like a paper fan making big folds. Draw out the eyes and nose, and stick this part onto the head portion of the snake, make sure you place the tongue in between before pasting. Your slithering snake is ready.

Number 4: Butterflies in the park
You need: Play dough, and butterfly shape pasta.
Method: Make small portions of the play dough, roll out into cylindrical shapes, tapering them at the ends. Now simply press the pasta onto this body. Note: Press lightly.
If you are in a mood to paint, then one can paint the butterfly wings as well.
This one is great to do on a lazy afternoon when the kids are full of energy and you are not ;)

Number 5: Slow and steady Mr. snail.
You need: Play dough and shell shaped pasta.
Method: Roll out the dough into oblong shapes to make the body of the snail, make the back portion stick onto the paper the head part is to be made standing out. Take the shell shaped pasta and press on to the mid section.
Another easy peasy craft that is a sure hit with kids.
For more adventure, color leaves, or collect some from the garden and place them around the snails and enjoy the sight of amazed kids busy for a couple of hours with Mr. snail and his house.
You can make multiple snails and play family !!


Swati said...

very nice ..loved the snake and butterflies

Mama - Mia said...

hopped over from shruti! LOVED the butterflies! maha cute!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! This is really cool stuff. Thanks for sharing all the ideas :)

Caroline@Spices said...

These are the cutest ideas! I am glad I found your blog. Sweet and Simple Crafts- Thanks!

MindfulMeanderer said...

These will be part of Feb's artsy-craftsy ;) i self nominated ur crafts

Trish said...

Soo cool!!Love the butterflies!came over from Shruti's/

Priya said...

Hi! Came over from Shrutis..
Cute ideas here :)