Saturday, January 30, 2010

Standing up for your child

This happened some days back at our local fresh market. Aadu loves to pay the vendors and asks his Dad to pass the money to him so that he can pass them on to the vendor.

At one vendor he gave the money with his left hand....which is his right hand I mean he is a left handed guy so for us his left hand is his right hand ..did I just confuse you??

So the vendor tells him 'give with your right hand...must never give with left hand'
This confused Aadu and he looked up to Daddy dear.

Daddy dear says to the vendor:'this is his right hand...he is left handed; you should take it from him from the same hand. Don't ask him to change'

Vendor then proceeds to take the cash from Aadu from the left hand.

During all this I was not around...I was busy yapping with my favorite vendor who had just returned from a trip to India !!

I was told all this much later when we were back home. I felt very proud of Amol for having stood up for Aadu.

In other places which we regularly visit, the people know that Aadu is left handed and so they never bother to say anything.

This served as an important lesson for Aadu also, he will know that it's OK to be different and that we have to stand up for ourselves...


MindfulMeanderer said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh adu is a leftie too??? .. So is lil p. I have to face such comments everyday. I just say shes a leftie n leave it at that. Really good that amol stood up for him.. I'll make PC read this post tonight ;)

mim said...

lol@shruti. i remember a funny post she wrote about her mil and lil p's leftiness

you should read that neelum

Swati said...

Very nice ..important lesson for all parents here :)

Parag said...

Very nice..
It doesn't matter being a leftie or rightie...
I remember my school friend was a left handed person. He was a topper in school. His mother always used to tell him to write with the right hand (initially of course). But he remained leftie. Today he is working with Google :)