Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aaditya's Admission test at GIIS

Today we went to GIIS (Global Indian International School) for Aaditya's admission test.
Once the fees was paid, one teacher escorted us to the KG1 Lily classroom, where she handed over the worksheet to the teacher sitting inside, the teacher (inside) asked us if he will be OK inside alone, we said 'yes he will be OK'
We were outside the classroom, and peeped in from the window to see what Aadu was doing, we saw that he was sitting on a chair next to the teacher and was talking to her !!
Then we did not look further thinking that it may distract him.

After about 10 minutes, teacher and Aadu came out. She said "he has done well, he is good with numbers, but tracing - he finds it difficult; is he left handed?" We said, he prefers his left hand but at times chooses to write with the right hand also. Again she said "But he has done well"

So we then went to the office to ask what is the next procedure, to which they said, they will let us know in a week.

Once we were out of school, I asked Aadu what was in the paper that the teacher had. He said there were shapes - square, rectangle, heart and star.
There were numbers - 2 and 3.
I asked if any alphabets like A,B,C were there - he said no ABC was there.

So all in all he knew what he did inside with the teacher. He liked the school and the teacher also.

So now lets wait for one week so that we know what next to do.

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Malina said...

It's great that Adi did well!How did u find the school?