Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cutest tools I ever saw

Browsing my O Magazine's October issue, I came across these tools, they are yummy, they are made with ladies in mind and they are tied up with a great cause of Breast Cancer....the best part is that they are pink !!!!!!!!!!!

I loved them as soon as I saw them and more so because of the cause they supported.
They are from TomBoy Tools (
The pink hammer is my personal favourite, it costs $15, and $3 per hammer goes to Susan G. Komen for cure.

I like doing my own minor repairs at home, it is quite nice to see what you can achieve if you know to handle just the basic tools.

I love these pink tools, so if anyone out there wants to send me a gift you know what to send!!


Malina said...

These goods are really really very cute! So if I want to send u these tools for your birthday then from where do we buy them?

Neelum said...

Hey Malina, I have put the link of the manufacturers in the post ;)
I make it soooooooo easy for my friends to find gifts for me !!