Sunday, September 18, 2011


Some conversations reveal so much about the person; they may be few words, but they just open up a whole new pathway or tunnel ... Showing you another aspect or facet to that persons personality and at times these mere words reflect a layer of that person's soul........
I wish we could have such conversations more often

Thank God for languages to help us express our feelings & experiences.

What kind of world would it be if we din't have words??
Scary thought for me... Coz I love to read & can't imagine a world without words - written & spoken.

That reminds me of the annual book sale that's going to be here shortly; they say it's going to be the largest book sale in the whole world!
Looking forward to this sale; again I need a strategy for this year to pick my authors or genre before heading there.

On another note....I am singing 'its only words & words are all I have ... To take your heart away...'


Ketaki said...

Books are amazing aint they? You can contemplate the wole world in a tiny book right there in your armchair. I will like 'the undead' without the written word. As far as genre is concerned, have you read Freakonomics? I currently dig this sort of genre a nd thepopular authours are of course Stephen Levitt & Steven Dubner, Malcolm Gladwell of Blink fame.....

Neelum said...

Hey Ketaki,
Freakonomics yes...what a good read that is !!
Thanks for the list of authors,have not read them yet...but am going to check them out...
Was thinking of attacking Japanese authors this time for the book sale...what say?
got any names for me?