Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Chair

Whenever we went to the neighbors' house to play, my son would fall in love with the small chairs they have. He would love sitting on them, and look at me as if to say that he wants one too!!
We were in Carrefour the other day and we saw this very cute beach chair for kids. It is a white metal chair, the base is white fabric, and it has yellow & orange flowers on it. It is very cute.
I chose not to buy a plastic chair which was much cheaper, as I am making every effort to avoid plastic as part of my 'go-green' motto for my home.
This one cost us 25 RM which is not much for a metal frame chair with a cloth base seat. We liked it and Aadi loved it immediately so it came home with us!!
Now he sits on it when he wants to watch TV or just look at books etc. sometimes the meals are also eaten with him sitting on this.


rani said...

How nice of you to be aware of your child's need, and clever of you to provide him with the chair before he even asked for it. I can see that ur son is not the type who demands a lot hah!!

Neelum said...

yes he does not demand a lot...lucky me !! i always wanted him to have a nice chair/sofa to sit on coz he likes to imitate what we do...we have our sofa so he needs one too !! now you wouldn't call that demanding would you?? !!!